Traffic services

    The Traffic Service Department at BAS is a front-line operation dealing with every aspect of ground handling in the Airport. Operation cover a comprehensive rang of services to airlines and are inclusive of passenger handling, ramp handling, baggage handling, load control, aircraft handling and public enquiries related to flight information.

    In dealing face- to-face with individual airline customers, we are conscious of the image we project in the public eye. Naturally, we stretch customer service to its limits, aware that the impression made on the passenger is critical to both the airport and the airline.

    Handing Multi flight arrivals/ departures, during peak hours when as many as 2000 passengers to be attended to within the hour, our check in, load control and baggage handling facilities have proven absolutely reliable and efficient. These international departure control system while the baggage services use the 'Bagtrac" and "Bahamas" tracing systems. International quality Standards are applied to all aspects of passenger and baggage handling. Harmonizing all of these multi-functional activities are our teams of dedicated staff always present to provide that personal touch.

    With the shift in traffic profile, and increase in transfer passenger and the different aircraft type using the airport, our role has become even more challenging and our response, as other airlines will testify, has been optimal.

    In addition to general passenger handling services, we have a Special Services Unit that Handles extraordinary function. These services include assistance and transfer of disabled passengers from ground to aircraft by a fully equipped passenger assistance vehicle, attending to First and Business class passengers of all airlines handling business and executive aircraft etc. We also offer flight operational services that can provide flight planning, weather service, crew briefing and administration.

    The excellent facilities offered in the Dilmun lounge for First, Business Class and commercially important passengers of all airlines has been enhanced by specially trained BAS resptionsts.

    Bahrain is today wildly acknowledged as an intensive hub and spoke operation that is fast attracting new carries to the region. Aware of present and future potential, we will work towards even more intensive service levels that we have been cosistenly providing.

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