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    In-flight cuisine is major factor that determines the services on any airline today. BAS Airport Catering Services has built up an enviable reputation for service and quality at competitive prices, so much so that we cater for over 30 airlines flying through Bahrain. On many flights, meals are provided for sectors beyond Bahrain's immediate radius of service.

    Operation out of an 11,000 sqm in-flight Catering Center with a staff of 500, an average of 9000 meals a day are prepared. We comply with the strictest standards of hygiene to international specifications in- flight meals, beverage service trolleys, bonded stores and other commissary items are assembled for individual flight requirement and delivered directly to the aircraft. Soiled modules are retrieved from arriving aircraft. for stripping, washing and reuse.

    Given the fact that menus vary from airlines to airline and change frequently, the facilities we have at the Catering Center are flexible to the extent that breakfast, lunches, snacks, and extensive beverage services proposed for royal, First, Business and Economy classes on 30 different airlines are prepared to satisfy varying airline specifications and standards.

    All working areas air conditioned and special duplex fresh air handling units are provided in the food preparation and kitchen area. Working tables with refrigerated surfaces, thirty five modular cold rooms, modern blast freezer and chillier equipment and defrost rooms with temperature control facilities have also been installed. A hygiene laboratory with specialist staff carry out microbiological and bacteriological qualitative testing or facilities, equipment and food on a regular basis. Food types are separated to avoid cross-contamination and the loading bays are designed to maintain the optimum level of temperature control.

    With other facilities such as VIP kitchen, backup generators, a supply of ionic sweet water and dry compactors for recoiling material, BAS has one of the most modern catering facilities in the region, prepared to produce on expected 20,000 meals a day by the year 2005. Refrigerated High Leaders are already in use for delivering food to the aircraft, and all replacement vehicles will be so specified.
    All restaurant and refreshment outlets at Bahrain International Airport are managed and operated by the BAS Aircraft Catering Service Department.
    Airlines flying through Bahrain need look no further.

    B ahrain Airport Services received two Mercury Bronze awards in both the food service and the in-flight service equipment at the international flight catering assosiation (IFCA) meeting which was held in Rome from 4th to 9th of march.
    IFCA's Mercury Awards programme is acknowledged world wide as the original and the ultimate recognition of products and services .
    Sixty companies, from major international airlines to small ancillary suppliers, enter the contest each year .
    Bahrain Airport Services entries were prepared in close co-operation with the Gulf Air and both companies are proud of this unique achievement.

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