Following the take-over by The Bahrain National Oil Company (Banoco) of 60% of the aviation fuelling operations at Bahrain International Airport, The Bahrain Aviation Fuelling Company (BAFCO) was established in 1985 to replace the existing arrangement and to undertake fuelling operations on behalf of it's shareholders. Each shareholder deals separately with airlines as regards the terms and conditions of sale.

    Bafco undertake the management of the aviation refuelling facilities and equipment at Bahrain International Airport on behalf of it's shareholders and provides a fuelling service for aircraft under the agreement concluded between the airline and the shareholder concerned.

    The airport is supplied with aviation fuel via a 17.6 km pipeline from the Sitra Tanks, owned by the Bahrain Refinery, to the Arad fuel depot, owned by BAFCO . Fuel is filtered and tested at Arad to ensure its compatibility with international standards. After certifying the quality and ensuring that there are no impurites, it is pumped via 1.8 km of pipeline to the airport apron where aircraft are refuelled from the hydrant.
    Aviation Turbine fuel, kerosene type Jet A-1 is produced according to international specifications and is subject to strict quality control measures. The aircraft refuelling facilities and equipment are subject to regular maintenance, inspection and testing in accordance with international specifications and procedures.

    BAFCO pays special attention to it's operational activities and lays particular emphasis on developing the skills of its staff . Regular training courses are conducted to keep staff abreast of the latest developments . The company employs a total of 105 people.The operations staff work on a shift basis providing a 24 hours service.

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